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Ticketing was never so easy
and simple!

Thousands airline web fares or specially negotiated fares of
fares just a click away.

The portal that does it all - booking, transfers, hotels, invoices and more


AirLink Services will help you increase productivity and achieve targets, while maintaining customer service at its
highest level.

Our call centre is staffed with well trained personnel, managed by experienced travel industry professionals who are committed to addressing every query from our partners. As the world of business grows, different time zones can no longer be a problem for the travel industry. As an AirLink client, you can be comfortable in the knowledge that we are there for you.
Need help? No need to make a call. One of our support members will be online to resolve any issue as quickly as possible. Any time of day or night!
As you conduct your business with more efficiency, you start saving on both time and money. Coupled with our extremely competitive fares, it can make your business more profitable even in the short run.
At AirLink, our commitment to technology is a continuous process. Our quest to find technology that works for you will result in improvements and upgrades on a regular basis. For you it means better and faster ways to do business. For us, it is simply looking after our clients.
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