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Easy ticket is our automated ticketing system which provides our agents one of the best online ticketing system in the market, giving access to almost all the airlines in the world directly from multiple GDS systems. Along with Easy ticketing technology, you will also benefit from our professional customer services and ticketing support designed to enable you to be productive even after hours.
Easy Fare offers our partners an extensive variety of travel content from its vast database. It works directly with a large number of airlines to offer airline web fares or specially negotiated fares to our agency partners. With thousands of fares just a click away, our partners will offer better service to their clients and stay ahead of the competition too.
My Easy Booking System is a travel portal that allows you to perform several key tasks together to save time and cost. With just one log-in, you can issue tickets, book hotels as well as raise and dispatch invoice
to the client.

My Easy Booking has been developed by AirLink Services by combining extensive data from fares, ticketing, hotel booking, transfers, activities etc. to provide a complete tour package solution to our business partners. It allows you negotiated access to our GDS systems and other services without having to memorise different GDS commands.

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